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Dermo-Age Control +

repair night cream

Dermo-Age Control

intensive protection day cream
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Less is more!

Just such a simple and consistent brand philosophy adopted PROASTIQ in formulation of their dermo-cosmetics. Therefore, the two products of Dermo-Age Control line is actually the three most important words for your skin:


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    Stressed skin

    Environmental and oxidative stress cause the skin is tired, lost their natural color and prone to the appearance of premature signs of aging. Stop this and be full of energy! Find out more on our site.
    Skin young and without signs of aging

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    UV rays

    Remember that the sun shines all year round. UV rays cause photoaging processes in your skin and the appearance of premature signs of aging.
    Aligned color

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    Oxidative stress

    Reactive oxygen species are formed in your body all the time, impair the physiological structure of your skin contributing to a tired appearance and premature aging. Life in the fast lane and stress how you feel on a daily basis intensify this process!

Używaj Proastiq, bądź gotowa na kolejny dzień!